Dr. Lois VanderKooi, PsyD, SEP, BCST

Colorado Licensed Psychologist
710 Burbank Street
Broomfield, CO 80020

Healing ~

A mind that relinquishes the unrealistic goal of perfection,
A heart that cradles vulnerability with love,
A body that reclaims its vitality and instinctive wisdom,
A soul that honors its place in the family of life.

“Reaching into muddy depths, the lotus blooms.

Beauty and light emerge as confusion is transformed .”


Philosophy as a Therapist

Everyone's life has both unique and universal qualities and each person's therapy process is likewise unique and universal. Biological, psychological, social, and situational factors interact in complex ways but also tend to emerge into identifiable patterns. So, therapy in some ways is very complex and in other ways quite simple. In the therapy process, I bring a broad range of education and experience to understand these qualities and to help transform what is disturbing or confining into what is enriching and fulfilling. I believe that clients have inner wisdom and desire for growth but sometimes are caught in reactive and unconscious patterns relating to trauma in their primary relationships. Issues related to the brain and nervous system may also hinder functioning. In learning to develop kindness towards themselves and a less reactive stance, clients tap into their wisdom and strength and courageously take steps towards healing. Kindness and calmness also deeply affect the nervous system. A safe therapeutic relationship where the client can be open and honest is crucial in this healing process.

Services Offered

Psychotherapy for adults and consultation for parents

Modalities: Individual, Parent Counseling, Family, and Marital therapy

Psychological testing of children, adolescents, and adults

Modality: Data from history and IQ and personality tests are used to form a comprehensive picture of functioning and to generate treatment recommendations. I do not do neuropsychological, forensic/child custody, and learning disability evaluations.


Child development and disorders (except for autism and mental retardation)

Mood disorders (Depression and Bipolar)

Anxiety disorders (Posttraumatic Stress, Generalized Anxiety, Phobias)

Long-term work with severely traumatized clients (e.g., childhood abuse and neglect)

Marital therapy

Personal and spiritual growth

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction

Therapy Process

When you come to me as a client, we initially talk about your current situation, relational issues, and medical and mental health history, and then I explain therapy approaches that may help. The approaches offered vary according to what best suits your needs, but generally involve work with your thoughts about self and life, expression of emotions and needs, and physiological reactions to stress. Some basics often emphasized are non-violent communication skills (see www.cnvc.org and the communication link above), nervous system regulation, and non-judgmental awareness of thoughts, emotions and body sensations. I no longer work directly with children and adolescents, but can help parents as a consultant so that they can better nurture and set limits given their history and the child's temperament and vulnerabilities. Some clients suffer from biologically-based illness and can also benefit from medication. These I refer for a medical evaluation (because psychologists cannot prescribe medications in Colorado).

Overall, I help clients gain self-understanding and tools to develop happiness and meaning in their lives. But, of course, therapy is not a “quick fix” that the therapist applies but rather a collaboration where we bring kind and careful attention to the particulars of life and the client is empowered to practice new ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving.

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Fees and Insurance

Some people decide to pay on a sliding fee basis ($50-$120 depending on income) because they want more confidentiality and control in their therapy process. In other words, paying for sessions directly eliminates the sharing of diagnostic and therapeutic information with an insurance company and avoids the limits that the company may place on treatment. Some people decide to use their insurance for financial reasons. Currently, I am a network provider for most of the major insurance companies. If you want to use insurance, check with your insurance company to make sure that I am an authorized provider and if I am not authorized, ask if they cover non-network providers.

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Office Location

710 Burbank St., Broomfield, CO 80020

My office is located just north of the interchange of Highway 36 / 120th Ave. and Wadsworth / Highway 287. I am two blocks west of the corner of Highway 287 and 6th Ave (there is a Wendy's at that corner). Take 6th to Burbank and take a right and then your first right into a parking area. There are office condos on your left and I am in Building 710. There is no 7th Avenue!

Broomfield is between Denver and Boulder and approximately 20 minutes from downtown Denver and downtown Boulder ~ See Map.

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Contact Information

303/439-0407 (Office and Fax)

E-mail address: drloisvk@gmail.com

(Please note that I do not provide online counseling or consultations)

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Credentials and Education

I was first trained as a lawyer and sociologist and worked as a mediator and researcher in a pilot program that assessed mediation as an alternative to court action in child custody disputes. Dealing with the wounds of custody disputes, I became interested in psychology and in 1982 began pursuing training in Jungian psychology and a Master's degree in clinical psychology. I went on to obtain a doctorate (Psy.D.) in clinical psychology at the University of Denver and then did a two-year post-doctoral fellowship at Menninger in child and adolescent psychology. During my training, I worked on my own issues through therapy and was exposed to a wide variety of clinical approaches. I found my own work and many of the approaches valuable. I continue to learn and am now integrating cutting edge somatic and neurobiological approaches in my work. In that regard, I have been certified as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (see www.traumahealing.com) and as a Biodynamic Cranial-Sacral Therapist (see www.energyschool.com). I also take spirituality seriously, have worked with people of different faiths, and have expertise in working within Christian and Buddhist frameworks. See resume for further details about my background.

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